Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Us Girls

I stayed home with Josie today, because my parents are out of town visiting my brother and his family and they typically keep Josie on Thursdays. So, it was a day for just us girls :) Our day started off very hectic! I was preparing for a catering job that we had at 11:30 today. So, we hit the ground running! After we delivered the food, Josie and I were busy playing around the house (just like the "old days" when I stayed at home with her everyday.)

We read LOTS of books!

Josie played the piano!

tried on my shoes and played "dress up"

Josie helped me make our grocery list :)

And..... THEN.......... Josie had her very first HAPPY MEAL FROM MCDONALD'S!!!

Her favorite part was the toy (of course!)
I don't know why her first Happy Meal was so exciting to me! I guess because I just loved eating Happy Meals when I was little and I thought it was fun to see her open that little box with the golden arches on top! ha! Josh and I always laugh, because I have such fond memories of "Mickey D's" from my childhood (I even had a b-day party there once) but Brownsville didn't have a McDonald's when Josh was little and I have always been soooo sad for him because he missed out! ha! I'm pretty sure he turned out okay, though and it didn't scar him for life :)

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