Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We have enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving the past few days with our family. We went to Grandmommy & JJ's on Wednesday night to eat dinner. We enjoyed a "non- traditional" dinner ... delicious steak, potatoes, salad and rolls. YUMMY! We all had fun getting together!
JJ & Josie

Shanna, Matthew, Granny, Josh and Me

Grandmommy with her girls :)

Look at these cute "turkeys" :)

Addison & Josie

** Happy First Thanksgiving, Addison!

We went to Jackson to eat at Double Tree with my family on Thursday. The food was delicious as always. I will never forget Josie eating every bit of food we put in front of her LAST year, but NOT this year! She was way more into socializing with everyone around her. She might have eaten a few cheese cubes, but that's it.... Imagine that!

Family pic

Me, Josie and Mom (Nonni)

We closed Kreme Kastle after lunch on Wednesday until Monday. What a TREAT for us! We have enjoyed a lot of family time! It's soooo nice and such a special treat for us to be home all together on a Friday night just relaxing, playing and enjoying dinner together. I think we could get used to this :) All of our Christmas decorations are up and I'm officially in the holiday spirit! I'm finally starting to feel close to "normal" again since having my wisdom teeth out and ready for all of the fun holiday festivities coming up!

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  1. LOVE the owl outfit! I saw it online:) She is just too cute.